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Astrology has always been consulted. Important political leaders have used it for their purposes. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Churchill, Hitler, Mitterrand or Nixon, to name just a few, used an astrologer to make great decisions. When we observe and analyze very carefully the passage of the planets through the signs , we can reach really extraordinary conclusions


Man has always taken the stars as a point of reference and the Moon and the Sun as gods. Astrology is the study of these influences since the beginning of our exit, evolving to become a valuable tool to get to know each other better and lead a serene life every day. Let astrology help you improve your life with all its wisdom.

Astrology and your Natal Chart

Your Natal Card is a picture of the stars at the exact moment of your birth. Knowing the location of the planets , the Moon and the Sun in the zodiac, an astrological study can tell you a lot about your personality and your way of relating to every habit of your life. Check these articles to learn more about the power of the stars in your life.

Astrology, horoscopes and tarot

Horoscopes are a large part of astrology that predicts according to the movement of the stars what will happen in your life in the short, medium or long term. You can check your daily horoscope every day , but you can also follow your weekly or even monthly forecasts. Your tarot of the day , by the hand of your astrological forecasts is the perfect complement to start well every day. Three major arcana predict how your day will be in terms of love, encouragement and work. The tarot of the day is free, do not neglect your valuable advice.

The analysis of your astral sky by an expert

While you can find a lot of information about your personality completely free, the analysis of the positive or negative relationship of the stars in your home sky should be performed by an expert. Observing your sun sign, the position of the Moon your ascending and the aspects between the different stars, our astrology expert can tell you more than you imagine of your personality and your future.Do not hesitate to consult the best astrologers online immediately. We offer Elective, Natal and Medical Astrology, making personal readings that guide individuals and couples, parents, businesses and organizations. We also develop astrological talismans for all kinds of needs. You can check our services by clicking here.




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