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Diamond Stone

The zodiac sign also influences when choosing a gemstone and this can favour luck when used as a talisman. Given the complex meaning of the zodiac signs, they can be assigned various stones, which serve to intensify or weaken the characteristic qualities of each sign. All minerals have their own affinity, so the attraction of the mineral acts. Being associated with the month of birth, birthstones are gems with distinctive meanings. When it comes to equating the birthstone with a month of birth, it is moderately accurate within an astrological framework. Since prehistory, astrologers have found that certain gemstones have intense positive effects on carriers that belong to certain signs of the zodiac. The diamond is a stone of exceptional power and incredible qualities. It is the king of gems, the greatest gemstone. The ancient Greeks called it "amas”, which means invincible, indestructible. The diamond is generally colourless but also exhibits pale shades of yellow, brown, blue, gray and pink and green colours that are the strangest. Colored diamonds are unique, always attract a lot of admiration, and acquire individual names and detailed descriptions. The diamond is faceted, and will shine with multicoloured rays of light. The famous Persian poet Hafiz commented that "the rainbow is confined in him forever. "



Aries is known for several personality traits such as being enterprising, bold, brave, active, spontaneous and energetic. This zodiac sign has the tendency to move towards better and bigger things. That is why diamond is considered the best birthstone for Aries. It provides clarity to the bearer to move forward without hesitation.

Healing properties

The diamond strengthens all the energy centres of its wearer, this is used as a heart toner. From ancient times people believed that diamonds were miraculous stones, and believed that a person wearing diamonds would not be bothered by stomach aches. In addition, neither the poisons nor the loss of memory will affect you. A variety of amazing healing properties were attributed to diamonds. Ancient Hindus also considered that the "vibrations" of this stone had a positive influence on various organs of the body, particularly the heart and brain. It was also believed that diamonds protected the owner from disease, drove away bad dreams, fought against severe depressions, as well as preventing stroke and kidney stone formation. The faith deposited in these wonderful “stones” is such that it is believed to reduce fever, fight infections, help with skin diseases, reduce physical fatigue and invigorate metabolism. A diamond set in a ring helps at the time of delivery. Green diamonds are especially useful for this moment.

Not all stones are for everyone

Since each planet is associated with a particular gemstone, not all precious or semiprecious stones bring positive energy to everyone. If according to your astrological chart that planet is positive for you, using that stone can reinforce that positive energy. For example, you can use stones that help improve your health or concentrate your mind more.




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