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Emerald Stone

Nothing better than having good vibes to feel better and thus get rid of negativity. If this is what you are looking for with the use of stones, today we will talk about emerald and how it can be useful in our daily life. Learn all about the meaning of the emerald stone and its benefits.


Emerald Stone Properties

Many already know how this stone has great value in the market. It is a rare stone, widely used for the manufacture of jewellery boys. But what many still have no knowledge of the emerald, is that it goes far beyond its commercial potential. It is rich and very beneficial for our health and can bring positive energies to the various sectors of our life, such as family, personal finances, mental health, love and spiritual. It is also recognized by practitioners of crystal healing, as the stone of love.

Meaning of its name and characteristics of stone

Emerald word has a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish origin, and comes from the name Emerald. In the case of the word emerald comes from the Greek origin, by lighting the green gemstone we know, and that is the subject of this article. Emerald stone is a beryl mineral, and is represented by the month of May. During this period, therapists who use crystal healing, as well as performing works with the use of stones, focus on their emerald cures. According to esoteric scholars, axis of emerald earth brought by the lords shoot the planet Venus. It is the ideal stone for those who need to work for healing, balance and patience. We know how much it can be difficult to know how to wait to achieve some of our life goals. In those moments, we find patience and anxiety. If you feel this way, scheduling a therapy with the use of emerald stone will help you balance these emotions.

Emerald Stone Benefits

As noted above, the emerald is considered the stone of love. But it's not just that. It offers other benefits, both physical and emotional. A good example is the ability to tune our vibration linked to the issue of abundance and fullness. In addition, it also provides greater wisdom on the mental plane, encouraging motivation for love. Without a doubt, the emerald stone is one of the best known, including for its high market value. It is also well known in several other countries, as part of past centuries cultures.

  •   increases prosperity
  •   Wake up heavenly love
  •   Open the way to receive the blessings of the universe
  •   Diabetes controls
  •   Increase and improve the power of vision
  •   transmit inspiration
  •   increases happiness
  •   Wake up friendship and communion
  •   Provides physical and emotional balance
  •   Reduce negative energy
  •   increase positivity

Related professions

Another interesting thing is in the example of rocks with some professions. In the case of the emerald stone, related professions are: doctors, lawyers, environmentalists, dancers, housewives, nurses, writer, farmers, gardeners and athletes.




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