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Detail about pearls stone

Pearls of natural origin are formed inside certain mollusks. A pearl originates as a result of the introduction of some foreign body into the shell of the animal while remaining alive. They usually form inside bivalves; these are mollusks with two shell-shaped shells that open and close to digest or absorb oxygen. When the particle penetrates the mollusk, it begins to secrete calcium carbonate and conchiolin to coat it, so the nacre is formed. This process can last up to ten years, resulting in coverage of several capable of nacre. The value of the pearls is subject to their final characteristics. Its value depends on the colour, size and shape. The most precious are tears, almost perfect spherical shape. There are more than 19 shades of natural pearls catalogued to date.


Powers of the Pearl

The pearl is extremely unique and therefore does not have so many powers but does not indicate that its powers do not matter, the powers are:

  •   It has the power to attract friends.
  •   It has the power so that the individual can assimilate the changes.
  •   It slows the euphoria in the wearer so that he can control his feelings and emotions.
  •   Eliminate fear.
  •   Heal the sentimental wounds.

Common shapes of pearls

  •   Round pearls: they have greater value in the gem market, for their beauty and uses in gold smiting. The more perfect the greater the value. They are often called mother of pearl tears.
  •   Semi-spherical: they have rounded oval or even elliptical shapes. They are very irregular and of little value. They are usually applied to charms or bracelet as pendants.
  •   Baroque: although they are of little value, their disadvantage in not being asymmetric is translated into a characteristic that makes it unique and unrepeatable and rethinks its value. When they adopt forms of drops or rhombuses it can increase their value.
  •   Striated: a series of grooves or rings can be observed on its surface, usually this affects its value depending on the shape in general. When they are spherical they can be very beautiful and unique.

Pearl Gemological Identification

  •   In gem research laboratories, tests can be performed to distinguish imitation pearls from savages.
  •   With the use of X-rays, the circular evolution of the pearl can be distinguished, where it can be seen that the calcium carbonate layers are separated by thin cochiolin coatings.
  •   They can also be distinguished with a microscope, one of the best known methods is to put the pearls together and make friction between them and see if they are completely smooth or somewhat rough. If they are completely smooth they are imitation and if they are rough they are wild pearls.
  •   Any mollusk can produce or some type of pearls, the bad thing is that not all of them get to have the shine or iris. These mollusks produce pearls that are striking and that in most cases are not durable, they have no monetary value. They are usually collected by scientists or collectors who have a hobby.



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