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Detail about Red Coral

The red coral has enough power to activate the four worlds: the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the divine.


Meaning of the coral stone

The meaning of this precious stone is that it is an energy receptor and links the awakening of the first chakra. Coral stone, like pearl, is a mystical stone and they share valuable gifts for the ocean. This stone is structured with skeleton bones and contrary to what many say, the strength of its energy is very high.

Support Stones:

It is a stone that likes the company of other stones and much better if they are in the same color line or place of origin that is the sea.

  •   The ruby enhances your spirituality.
  •   White coral enhances its cleanliness.
  •   The fire opal vitalizes your generosity.
  •   Black coral gives it strength and energy.
  •   The pearl helps you penetrate inside.
  •   And in general the quartz crystal and the diamond, translucent stones, give it more power and energy.


Its main property is to act against anemia, it even loses its color if the person is very low in iron, being a clear indication that the person requires medical care. Protects and cares for the sexual and adrenal glands, balancing their functioning.


It is a stone directly related to work and money, the good progress of business and the desire to grow work or professionally. It is usually good for students, as it gives the mind the ability to concentrate and analyze. It especially favors businessmen rather than employees or workers and does not get along very well with the liberal professions, nor what has to do with the occult sciences. And it is that coral favors growth, but always within a hierarchical order.


Red coral can favor sentimental relationships, as long as there is a touch of sacrifice within them, although it is a much more passionate and sexual stone than sentimental. It favors religious unions more than civil unions, but it is undoubtedly a matrimonial, social, group and family stone, it is a stone that people like to have together for a cause or in a common feeling.

Overcoming obstacles

Using this stone you will obtain a significant increase in negative energies that radiates in enemies or obstacles and will help you to get rid of many situations and obstacles that we face many times.

Power mental and physical health

Coral stone has positive effects which brings healing qualities. This stone can be used to treat skin conditions, such as cuts, scars or scratches. Many people in ancient times wore coral stone to try to cure sick people from poor blood circulation, bone diseases and sterility. On the other hand, astrologers consider coral to be a positive mental stone, which they recommended to those who suffer from anxiety or other mental illness. Coral stones were often the jewels most used by ancient cultures that sought to be more connected with intuition and positive mentalities.

Effect to ward off procrastination

If you often suffer the negative effects of procasting, I must tell you that getting a coral stone will be of great help since with it you will be able to revitalize the physical-mental strength that will not give rise to procasting in most of the time.




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