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White sapphire

Its history is intertwined with successive myths and legends. Sapphire is also called "Stone of the Gods" and is sometimes indicated as a sacred stone. Its name derives from the Latin " Sapphirus " which means " Blue " and indeed when you think of a Sapphire instinctively comes to mind the colour blue and also all the gems of that colour remind us of the Sapphire. But in reality there are Sapphires of various types and of very different colours, tones and ranges. Today we will concentrate on the White Sapphire.


White Sapphire was discovered in Ancient Greece. It seems that the Ancient Greeks discovered the White Sapphire on the island of Naxos and associated it with Apollo, god of light and sun, of truth and of the arts, of medicine and music. Apollo being also the god of prophecies was also patron divinity of the Delphi Oracle and according to legend, White Sapphires was offered to Pythia.

The White Sapphire reflects cold, silver light and is a precious stone very loved by the creators of jewellery. It is often used as a good Diamond alternative. The best White Sapphires are those completely colourless.

Spiritual properties of the White sapphire

  •   Sapphire has long been identified with chastity, piety and repentance. It brings wisdom and truth, increases the perception and understanding of justice.
  •   It helps to find peace of mind and serenity and promotes a life of sincerity, helping to preserve innocence while learning the truths of life.
  •   Sapphires are also associated with romantic love, representing fidelity and romantic devotion.
  •   It is also used to increase faith, hope and joy and to keep thoughts pure and heavenly.

The stone of wisdom

According to their colours it is said that each one of them has a specific function, the normal blue is that it is calling is called the stone of wisdom, although the general concept of the stone is the darker variety or known as Indigo Sapphire, It helps to develop the will of each individual and helps their owner grow metal and spiritually, it also helps against all the unnecessary confusions and illusions of life bringing the soul to the light, thus obtaining intuition and knowledge in its most pure.




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