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Below are some Vastu tips for your commercial


The entrance

This is one of the most important points in every business, so get out of your business look at your entrance, shop window and of course, check out your neighbours.

  •   The entrance must be wide, without obstacles, if you do so the chances of success will be greater.
  •   The entrance door should never be open more than necessary for a customer to enter and exit, except if it is located south in certain businesses.
  •   In case you did not know for each type of business there is a more favourable gateway orientation.
  • There are 8 entrance doors in vastu for business, depending on the situation of the cardinal points, in each of them there is a series of businesses more favourable than others depending on the energy of their activity.

The main door

Vastu tells us that the gateway to your business should open inwards to invite customers easily to enter. However, many current regulations force the entrance door to open outwards so that if there is a fire or similar that the exit of the clients is direct and unobstructed.

  •   A very effective solution that also allows keeping the business temperature and keeping the time just open and closed, is to place automatic doors, the invitation to the customer is “automatic”.
  •   If your business has a very large place, the revolving doors are ideal for generating excellent energy and preventing prosperity from going through the door.
  •   Do not forget to place a wind chime or wind chimes at the door of your business to welcome customers and the entrance of positive energy.
  •   In the restaurants you have to avoid that the main door is directly in front of the kitchen.
  • Many of the vastu entrance door tips for your home can be useful here too.

The furniture

The distribution of the furniture is very important, as well as the showcases and exhibitors, the light must be focused on these points so that they are the centre of customer attention and generate the sale.

  •   Opt for rounded edge furniture so as not to generate protruding tips or sharp edges that generate bad energy.
  •   The distribution of the furniture must allow the resorted in a curved way , without stumbling blocks, in a wide way and that allows the client to both look and decide the purchase.
  •   The semicircular or U-shaped counters are highly recommended, a good place to locate the box.
  • Many of the vastu entrance door tips for your home can be useful here too.

Cash register

It is generally recommended that the cash register visually control the entire business.Some more highly recommended guidelines.

  •   Prevents the box from being under a ladder or in front of the kitchen or bathroom.
  •   It should not be directly facing the entrance door.
  •   Placing a mirror that reflects the box doubles the earnings, very careful with what it really reflects, verifies.
  •   The person in charge of the box may be sitting facing one of the favourable orientations of the owner.



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