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Horoscope: The four most childish zodiac signs

We all carry a child within us, but there are some people or, rather, some signs of the zodiac in which the presence of that child marks his entire personality, cancelling his facet as an adult. They are very innocent and sensitive, but in turn immature, capricious, irresponsible and very dependent on another person. These are the most childish zodiac signs of the horoscope. Will yours or your partner's be among them? We reveal the mystery! Who are the most childish signs of the zodiac?



Those born under this sign of the zodiac have a hard time controlling their emotions and they often catch senseless tantrums or lollipops quite often when they don't get what they want. They are used to achieving everything they want and not taking long to achieve their task, making them show themselves as very capricious people. Friend Aries, maybe you should be a little more empathetic with others and start being more understanding with those around you; otherwise, you will end up staying alone. Your jokes can begin to make no fun to anyone.


The cancer are extremely immature. Everything is taken as a game and they are incapable of taking responsibility and, worse, of making decisions. Perhaps that is why, those born under the influence of this sign do not usually occupy positions of great authority and given the dilemma of being parents, for example, they have a hard time deciding. They are very dreamers, something that allows them to develop jobs where high doses of creativity are required, but there are times that they should get off the clouds, put their feet on the ground and face the problems.


"I don't get you together!" This phrase so typical of nursery or infant children is the favorite of those born between October 23 and November 22. As much as you explain a situation to them, Scorpio's stubbornness means that they do not see beyond their navel, that they always want to be right and, what is worse, seek at all costs to get away with it. They may eventually accept a precept or order, but they will be angry for a long time and, what may be more serious, they will not forget it and think about how to get revenge.


The Pisces live in their world, a universe that, sometimes, is usually a bit far from reality. For them everything is happiness, good vibes and optimism to the fullest and, of course, this happens to them: when they run into disagreements, problems, misunderstandings or arguments they break down and get blocked. They react like an ostrich; hiding in the face of difficulties and ducking their heads, letting others (their partner, their father or mother, a friend ...) take the chestnuts out of the fire. Pisces , you have to start to mature and take the bull by the horns.




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