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Principles of Vastu Shastra to Harmonize the Energies of your Home

Do you know the ancient technique of India, the vastu sastra? It is the science of direction that combines the 5 elements of nature - air, water, earth, fire and space - and puts them in balance with man and things. According to it, a house must be located following certain rules so that the atmosphere is the best and gives us peace of mind, harmony and good energy. If you believe in it, and even without believing you have nothing to lose, we have for you these 5 rules to follow so that a house complies with the vastu sastra.


Construction of the house

If you are thinking of building your house to your liking, nothing better than following these fundamental principles of the vastu sasta that will make your home something completely different. Before starting to build, according to this technique, a kind of field worship must be performed so that everything starts favourably. As they say, it starts well; it ends well, doesn't it?

Kitchen locations

What do you think will be the ideal place to locate the kitchen according to vastu sasta ? It seems that the perfect place would be a corner in the southeast part of the house, since the east is considered a place to start something new and put aside the bad. In addition, it would be perfect to cook in front of the eastern part.

Entrance door

The east is the best location to enter a house, since the sun rises in this direction and it is said that this attracts positive energy in addition to providing good natural light. You could also locate the entrance door facing the northeast. You will see which one suit you best.

Bathroom locations

It seems that the location of the bathroom is one of the vital aspects to achieve balance according to vastu sasta. The ideal location would be the northwest or, alternatively, the southeast, but it is necessary to avoid the northeast and east. It is also recommended that the bathroom is away from the kitchen and dining room, that the toilet does not face the bathroom door and that the mirrors always face the north wall.

Master bedroom

Finally, and at least for me, most importantly, we have the location of the master bedroom. Is that the bedroom is essential, your rest is what will give you energy and sleeping badly means being bad? According to the vastru, the direction in which your head lies has a great effect on your rest. Is that why I don't sleep well? The master bedroom must be in the southeast of the house, because it represents the earth element that implies heaviness; however, this place is not good for children's rooms, or for service. When locating the bed, keep in mind that your head should point to the southwest and that it should be made of wood or, at least, the iron bed should be avoided.




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