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Meaning and properties of ruby stone

The beautiful ruby stone conforms to the sapphire, diamond and emerald the quartet of precious gems considered the most beautiful in the world; this really is because everyone feels the passionate power that these gems possess without knowing how to really explain what it is. But here I will tell you all about the ruby, its meaning, properties and everything you need to know The ruby is the gem of passion without limits, of power and the conquest of our desires. The ruby stone represents victory in itself, in all aspects of life, especially in love, and personal development. The ruby is related to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, represents intense love and strength in its purest state. The ruby is capable of projecting energy on its own, due to its connection with the primordial elements being one of the few “gifting” gems that exist.


Energy Properties of Ruby Stone

The ruby stone is the energetic embodiment of fire, love, sexuality, intuition, passion and power. A well-used ruby gem can help you get everything you want and you really want it enough.

Healing Properties

It is used in gem therapy for the treatment of disorders involving the genitals, the desire of the individual as a result of mental disorders and the reduction of body aches of intense and constant characteristics.

Properties of meditation.

The solar plexus chakra, low chakra and finally the eyebrows are the favourite locations to place this precious gem, the reason is that this gem is capable of providing energy to the wearer, so that the bodily manifestations of the spirit are more intense near the ruby stone

Personal development

The use of ruby stone gives the person better abilities to know what he really wants, to dispel doubts in desires, foster intimate relationships and evoke hidden passion. The security that emerges from this gem must be handled with care if we do not want to get drunk with desires of greatness beyond those we really need and end up feeding the ego.

How to recognize a ruby stone

Due to its rarity, cost and energy potential, the coveted ruby stone is usually imitated with fantasy compositions and synthetic elements that can fool even the most knowledgeable of gems. I will give you useful tips so you can identify a real ruby stone from a fake one.

The hardness of the ruby stone

Ruby stone is one of the hardest gemstones that exist (overcome by diamond), so when pressed the original ruby stone does not scratch or crack, so if you distil red colour by rubbing it with a quartz Example is a fake stone.

Characteristic colour

While it is known that certain peculiar shades can be found in some specific types of rubies, the real ones are very bright but not “luminous,” that is, when exposed at different angles, the ruby stone must maintain uniform shades.

Small details

Under the gaze of a magnifying glass or special magnifying lens, the ruby cannot have defects, such as bubbles, cracks or malformations.




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